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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Italy - the land of garbages ruled by Romanian Gipsies [ENTROPA 2]

This beautiful country has transformed into the large refuse heap, taken control by Romanian beggars of the gypsy descent.

As many as 75 percent of arrested under the accusation of the theft, rape and murder this year in Rome, are the citizens of Romania. Some part of Romanian immigrants are using benefits of the Mediterranean climate and all through the year they nomadize in Roman suburbs where they contribute to the criminal underground activity.The Italian government has issued regulation allowing fast expelling from Italy immigrants recognized by police as dangerous.

Regulations also include citizens of the EU in spite of the principle of the freedom of the migration. Grandaughter of Duce, Alessandra Mussolini was demanding writing down the name of the ambassador of Romania to the first dismissed list.

The number of imigrants of different nationality is increasing at a crazy rate.

In such a situation, aren't Italians afraid their country will become the large bog, this time Romanian one?

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  1. have you been to italy?
    or just speaking from what you heard from others?