Project of Petko Stoyanov against "Entropa" of David Cerny

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Czech Republic - the biggest and the greatest whorehouse in Central Europe [ENTROPA 2]

Welcome! Don't you think, that it's funny that a lot of European guys prefer to fly to Czech for weekends, because it is the biggest, the cheapest, the most luxury brothel in Europe! Ha ha ha!

But don’t you think that it’s actually a big problem?
Many girls work for money not through their own choice, and they are not only Czech ones. Everybody knows that this kind of business is connected with drug trafficking, crime, illegal transfer of women to onother countries. Many of them come from previous Soviet republics.


  1. Hi,

    I agree with the Czechia biggest whorehouse for Germans and Britons. But it does not harm me as being Czech. Czech and German police fights against this organized crime. And it is hard work and I support it. May be there would help criminalisation of customers of prostitutes.

    But I wonder if Bulgarians figths againts these ugly full of shits toilets? :)



  2. Hi Mr. Stoyanov,

    I must laugh, when I am looking at your reaction on Entropa 1. But in your frustration you ignore the fact, that most of the prostitutes in Czechia are coming from Slovakia, Ukraine and ..... BULGARIA!!!!

  3. Pane Stoynov

    Ano ... souhlasím. Je u nás hodně šlapek. Ale podstatná část dojíždí za prací k nám ... od Vás z Bulharska.
    A bohužel, s těmito jezdí za prací do Čech i Vaše kriminální špína.

    Jinak proti vyobrazení nemám námitek. Je pravdivé.

    S pozdravem ... Petr

  4. I lold hard :)))

    - czech .)