Project of Petko Stoyanov against "Entropa" of David Cerny

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If we want to have REAL EUROPEAN UNION, we have to treat fair all member countries!

If we want to have Real European Union, we have to treat fair all member countries!

David Cerny showed trivial stereotypes of some countries, and deep tragedies of other. This way he applied even stronger division of Europe.

My proposal is the critical project for Cerny’s art work as well as for real Europe’s inequality, divisions and problems. This is the same time very pro-European work, thanks to which the nations and EU could pay attention to really important problems of each country and aim to solve them.

My project was created as the protest for unequable and trivial presenting EU countries by David Cerny in “Entropa”. Cerny divided Europe, ennobled more developed countries and put weaker down. His project accepts and underlines injustice and inconsistency in treating less developed East Europe countries by well prosperous West ones. He treats gently west states, showing often their pluses – e.g. Austria fighting for ecology, French inhabitants fighting for their rights, etc.
He twits imperfection of poorer nations and laughs at their tragedies.

In my project I show important problems of all European countries, treating them with same measure.

Actually, there are two valuable projects which could rise from the Cerny’s work - one wittier - showing the superficial approach and stereotyped looking to neighbouring countries, the other – definitely more serious - showing the real problems, the fall of the past, that make the harmonious development of these countries impossible.

If the second, much more interesting accomplishment was created, Bulgaria as the Turkish toilet would be a very accurate display.

My project is complementing this vision and gives the possibility of the full view on the Europe situation.
It consists of two parts:
- ENTROPA 1 – the light version, completing the Cerny’s vision, instead of the Turkish toilet Bulgaria is shown as the holiday resort,
- ENTROPA 2 – the version demonstrating the real problems, needs and disabilities of Europe countries. One of them is the vision of Bulgaria as the system of Turkish toilets already proposed by Cerny.

I demand adding my version of Bulgaria, associated with the resort, golden beaches and a-bove all with a tourist place, to superficial Cerny’s visions.
Then it will fit perfectly to the known Hungarian cuisine, nice Ikea furniture and Belgian sweets.

The next part of my project (ENTROPA 2) demonstrates the real problems of individual countries:
Help poor Gypsies!
Help Poland to cope with the anti-Semitism!
Solve the problem of the minorities in France and in Germany!
Let rather the EU give money to Bulgaria for modifying or closing an atomic power station and not -then be showing that Austria is environment-friendly.

The artwork of Cerny in the present edition is ill-considered and conservative, but also philistinian and bourgeois. He identified himself with richer and better people and from their position he is laughing at poor ones. In the ultimate version his project is differing from presented assumptions - because we cannot laugh this way.

This is simply the attitude of preschoolers who laugh of someone because he is fat, has lop ears or is wearing glasses.

He presented himself as the wife batterer. If we laugh at somebody, lets laugh at everyone and in the same time let us respect each other.

My political views lean towards leftist ideas. I care about the fight for the minorities rights and the tolerance. I pay attention for social, economic, environmental problems, the anti-Semitism, the censorship etc. And these are the problems of Europe connected with the stereotypes of individual countries. If they won’t manage with that Europe will never unite!

In the name of the freedom of speech and in the name of the freedom of popularising views I demand my project being spread so all Europeans have the equal access and chance to see both versions! Would anybody dare to show my full project presenting all EU countries equally?

Do YOU want to look at European stereotypes in the superficial way as a typical joke, or do YOU want to see actual problems and try to fight with it?

Through my artwork I am asking the question: what does Europe is going to do about that and what do WE people are going to do with this?!

Is European Union really an Union? It’s not the matter to laugh at itself or somebody else, but to accept, help changing, and make Europe the best it can be!


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