Project of Petko Stoyanov against "Entropa" of David Cerny

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Petko Stoyanov

Born in 1981 in Sofia.
Studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, graduated from sculpture department.
Lives in Sofia and London

2006 – artist in residence program in London, London College of Fine Arts
2008 - artist in residence in Tokyo

Projects and exhibitions
2006 – “Leave it and run” – performance, Sofia city center
New Art Media Space – “Neighbour Community”, London
2007 – “Air for objects, objects for Air” – South Park, Sofia
Organizer of “Minority meets in the East” project, Whitechapel district, London
2008 – “Tube” – installation in Akumu Space, Tokyo
“Ano – do you like…?” – performance with living sculpture, “Gaijin Gallery”, Tokyo
“Where are tomorrow pictures?” video installation in 4 AGD markets, Sofia


  1. then who was that petko stoyanov that was my student at GMU ?

  2. do you also live in haymarket va?