Project of Petko Stoyanov against "Entropa" of David Cerny

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bulgaria - [ENTROPA 1], [ENTROPA 2]

Bulgaria: Czech - Bulgarian friendship

That's really funny! What Czech girls earn in their country, spend later at Bulgarian seaside. They go to Bulgaria for wonderful sex with lifeguards (only for fun, not for money) and of course in Bulgaria they can get the cheapest alcohol in Europe!

Bulgaria... What is behind that beautiful, sandy, beach in Bulgaria, where lots of people (including Cerny for sure) used to spend their holidays? There is a huge problem in Bulgaria connected with the authorities corruption, its connections with the Bulgarian mafia and the influence of post-Communists. However the biggest problem is an organised crime.
Everyone knows that Bulgarian mafia is the most dangerous in Europe and is hampering the development of the country. Unfortunately, it is strongly connected with police and the government and in spite of murders on request are very common (there've been so far arround 150 people killed) nobody was convicted.
Moreover the power depends on post-Communist influences and one of the largest parties is Turkish party. It is necessary also to add, that huge amount of Bulgarian woman work as prostitutes, weapon and drug traffic is thriving. That's the real Turkish toilet

Bulgaria - Turkish toilet

David Cerny presented Bulgaria as Turkish toilet system, without being conscious that he touched the most fragile and hurting points in the history of Bulgaria.
- 500 years was lasting the longest trial of annihilation and erasing one nation from the history. It was the incredible mass destruction of Bulgarians undoubtedly comparable with Jewish Holocaust (Mr. Cerny, it’s not allowed to laugh at this kind of national tragedy).
-Turks were forcing Bulgarians to adopt the Islam otherwise they beheaded them.
- Turks were kidnapping young Bulgarian boys and they were training them as the most deadly slaughterers of their own nation (Mr Cerny, there is no way anyone can laugh at it).

Facts can be multiplied.

And in these circumstances, Mr. Cerny, I wonder why didn’t you show Bulgaria for example in flood from 2007 (as you showed Greece touched with the fire cataclysm), or you didn’t refer to mystery of Bulgarian voices or famous bagpipes from mountains as you did with Ireland. Another option is presenting Bulgaria as the land of wine, famous kebapche or Bulgarian yoghurt (what Nedko Solakov did at the Venice Biennale), or showing it as the Valey of Roses.


  1. We call your usual type of toilet Turkish toilet. We are sorry for it. May be you would enforce Czech to rename turkish toilet onto bulgarian toilet.

    In Czech language wa have also turkish coffee - grinded coffee boiled without filtering - what would you propose to call it. we know that when we are in Greece for holiday that it is dangerous to call this type of coffee preparation as turkish coffee because greeks call it greek coffee. we like this type of coffee. but when we are in bulgaria for holidays we do not like to make shit in to holes in the ground. we make shit in more luxury way. also for polish people as i know are your bulgarian toilets stereotype.

    mr. cerny had to know that naming his piece as turkish toilet will be sensitive for bulgars. mr. cerny should rename it at bulgarian toilets.

    i think when he rename bulagarian part of entropa into more sensitive name, this part would be un-censored.

    do you agree?

  2. The name isn't important but the criterion that Cerny used to describe each country.
    Besides, have you ever been in Greece? Then you should know that there are much more turkish toilets that in Bulgaria. So why he generously showed Greece as the country in need after the fire?

  3. Mr Cerny do you know that the Bulgarians called the Czech movies tool of comunist for torturing the political prisoners?
    By the way the only Eastern block country who become comunist by its own people was Czech Republic. Bulgaria was invaded /by declared war/ by Russians on 5 Sep 1944 and later turned to comunist by fake referendum.

  4. Inspired by the last comment, I should admit that somehow Czech Republic become russian toilet by its own people. The interesting part is that the russians don't even make holes to shit in... Imagine how really should look like the Czech Republic!!!